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Get All 8 Belt Requirement Videos for only $89.00-Complete Set


Yellow Belt Requirements (Download Version)-$20

Orange Belt Requirements (Download Version)-$20

Blue Belt Requirements (Download Version)-$20

Green Belt Requirements (Download Version)-$20

Purple Belt Requirements (Download Version)-$20

Brown Belt Requirements (Download Version)-$20

Red Belt Requirements (Download Version)-$20

Black-Stripe Belt Requirements (Download Version)-$20

Advanced Taekwondo: 1-Step Sparring & Hapkido Techniques (White to Black Belt)

1000 Counter-Attacks: One Thousand Defenses Against-Kicks, Punches and Knife Attacks (Download Version) Speed Training: How to Increase Your Speed (Download Version) Joint-Locks: How to Control Your Opponent (Download Version)
Endurance: How To Maintain Maximum Endurance (Download Version) Super-Leg Conditioning: Endurance, Strength, Flexibility, and Agility (Download Version) The Deadly Sidekick (Download Version)
The Art of Faking: Principles & Concepts-Volume #1 (Download Version) The Art of Faking: Kicking-Volume #2 (Download Version) The Art of Faking: Kicking & Punching-Volume #3 (Download Version)
The Art of Evasion (Download Version) Control Kicking: Learn to Kick 10 Times Without Dropping Your Foot (Download Version) Telegraphing: Learn to Predict Your Opponent's Moves (Download Version)

Defensive Footwork: Volume #1 (Download Version)

Defensive Footwork: Volume #2 (Download Version)

Super Footwork Drills: Single or Partner-Training (Download Version)

Offensive Footwork: Volume #1 (Download Version)

Offensive Footwork: Volume #2 (Download Version)

Lateral Footwork: Applications (Download Version)

Jamming: Short-Circuit Your Opponent's Movements (Download Version) How to Close "The Gap" (Download Version) Setups: Using Footwork (Download Version)


Angular Footwork: Offensive & Defensive (Download Version)  

Competitive Karate (Featuring the Superfoot System)

$18.95 US Funds

Taekwondo Sparring Strategies: For the Ring and Street

$16.95 US Funds

Advanced Taekwondo (Sparring & Hapkido Techniques)

$16.95 US Funds