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The DEADLY SIDEKICK: Master the Most Powerful Kick of Combat

In the martial arts the most powerful kick is the sidekick. It is a kick that can be used as an offensive and defensive weapon. What most martial artists don't realize is that you don' t need a hundred deadly kicks to be the best. You need only one. The catch is that you need to learn how to use that one kick a hundred different ways so that you can deal with any situation at any time. On this video we show all variations of the side kick and training methods. Footwork drills, attacking drills and counter-attacking drills are all included on this video. The sidekick is a preferred weapon by top martial artists; like Bruce Lee, Joe Lewis and Bill Wallace. The reason for this is that it is a very functional kick. This is the only video ever designed that is solely dedicated to developing the sidekick. Enhance your skills with this unique training video.

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