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ENDURANCE: How to Maintain Maximum Endurance

In combat your endurance can be your best friend or worst enemy. A more experienced fighter or even a champion can be beaten by an opponent with a higher endurance level and with much less experience.

The advantages of high levels of endurance are:

(1) Improved Circulation To The Muscles

2) Improved Muscle Coordination

3) Enhanced Speed

4) Elimination Of Sluggishness

5) Improved Energy

6) Higher Pain Threshold

7) Improved Focus (Alertness)

8) Improved Ability To Overcome Unforeseen Obstacles Quicker and More..

Obviously the above advantages are not just advantages for combat, but for ordinary everyday life. Martial arts benefits are designed not just to develop one physically, but they are to enhance oneself mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. High endurance training is one of the best ways, if not the only way, to reach the highest levels of martial arts prowess and discipline. Practice the training regiments on this tape and develop yourself into the martial artist you've always dreamed of being.


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