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How to Close "The Gap" : Footwork & Distancing

In combat, one of the hardest things to do is to effectively close the gap. Closing the gap is to cover a given distance and be close enough to hit your opponent. Ever notice that when people spar, they miss way more than they score, when they attack. This is because there are more variables than meets the eye. This video will teach you drills on how to effectively close the gap for the most common situations in sparring.These situations could be as follows:

If you and your opponent are in open or closed stances.

If you are at close range, medium rang, or far range.

If your opponent is an excellent counter-attacker.

If your opponent always runs away as soon as you attack (or disengages).

This is another excellent addition for the advanced competitor, who wishes to increase the quality of their sparring skills.

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