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Advanced Taekwondo: Sparring and Hapkido Techniques

This book was designed to give the beginner and black belt level martial artist a quick easy reference manual of how to deal with a large variation of different types of attacks that one may encounter in sparring or in a street situation. Most students when first beginning in a martial arts program are more interested in the actual defensive techniques than in kata (forms/patterns). Kata and/or traditional drills are usually based more on discipline rather than actual combat realism or knowledge. In much of the Kata practice today the students and even master level black belts don't even know what all the moves actually represent. Kata practice can be very important for development of good stances, footwork, concentration, focus, but still lacks the actual hands on practice necessary to develop good combat skills. Working with a partner is very important when developing your techniques. It allows you to test techniques in a controlled environment to see where you are weak and strong. It also allows you to see where your opponent is weak and strong. This book will give the martial artist a very strong base to improve one's defensive strategies but also start to learn how to develop techniques of their own. I hope all that read this book will gain knowledge that they could not find in other places. Good luck and have fun in your training.

Knowledge is Power,
Adam Gibson


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