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 1000 Counter-Attacks is the only video on earth to bring you ONE THOUSAND DIFFERENT TECHNIQUES that were designed to be used while on the defensive. This video is like no other. We show defenses against every major kick, punch, and strike used in martial arts today. For example you'll learn how to counter: FRONT KICKS ROUNDHOUSE KICKS, SIDEKICKS ,TURN-BACK KICKS,SPIN-KICKS, JUMP-KICKS, AXE-KICKS, JABS REVERSE PUNCHES, HOOK PUNCHES, RIDGEHAND STRIKES, BACKFIST ATTACKS and COMBINATION ATTACKS. Also we show how to defend yourself when your opponent attacks with LEAD-LEG or REAR-LEG kicks and whether you and your opponent are in an OPEN-STANCE or a CLOSED-STANCE. In the last portion of the video we have an excellent KNIFE and GUN SECTION perfect for anyone who wishes to improve their chances in a street confrontation. All in all the information on this tape surpasses any video on the market today! A TOTAL STEAL! Over 4 hours of Techniques!!



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